The Anatomy of a Cat

For vet trips and other medical situations, obviously the medical terminology for your cat’s body parts are the best words to use. But this is the internet and we’re all cat ladies, our actual genders irrelevant. Cats are ridiculously adorable floofs and we have a need for these far more appropriate terms for their body parts.


Scritch Place: the space behind a cat’s ears, which is the best place to scritch your cat.

Ear Floof: all of the lovely long hairs inside your cats ears, presumably to make them extra cute.

Mane: the longer fur around your cats cheeks, just like a lion’s mane.

Boop: the soft, skin-coloured part of your cat’s nose, which is a perfect little button to press and say “boop”.

Blep: any part of your cat’s tongue that is currently sticking out of their mouth, especially if their mouth is closed.

Toofs: the super-cute little fangs that your cat shows you when they yawn.

Toe Beans: your cat’s toe pads, looking like little cattwojelly beans.

Peets: the cute little feet of your cat, made of soft pads for their sole and toe beans.

Sassy Pants: the extra fluffy floof that is your cat’s thighs, and looks like a pair of pantaloons.

Belly: the whole underside of your cat, all soft fluffiness and highly tempting to rub vigorously.

Nope: any part of your cat’s underside that they attack you for petting, named for your cat’s attitude to you touching it.

Bingo Wings: just like the sassy pants, the fluffy thigh/upper arm part of your cat’s front legs, like the loose skin older people often get but much cuter.

Bib: most easily identified on tuxedo cats, who have white fur there, the part of your cats chest that’s still visible when they sit up tall.




The World is Just Awesome

The Discovery Channel has two adverts with the song “The World is Just Awesome”, showcasing both their programmes and presenters, and the wonders of the world itself. Watch the first here and the second here.

When I first saw them, the song was stuck in my head for over a week, and it led me to wonder about what I love about the world. I thought of all kinds of creatures, technology and sights, and realised that the things I find most awesome about our world are all the same things that scientists love, and love to explain and study.

On one hand, there’s David Attenborough narrating with as much awe as is possible and Brian Cox grinning like the Cheshire Cat as he explains something, both assuming and hoping that you find science just as amazing and mind blowing as they do. On the other hand, people like the crew of Brainiac and Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters have a great time with fire and explosions, assuming and hoping that you find science just as fun as they do.

Because, when you really get down to it, almost everything that you might find amazing or fun about the world is made possible by science. All animals are here because of reproduction, and even adorable kitten faces are made of bones and muscles, ligament, blood and skin, all working perfectly. Plants are even more amazing, growing, reproducing, sometimes even eating insects. All the technology we enjoy is the creation of engineers and other scientist; the engine and aerodynamics in the racing cars, the touch screen technology and programming in the mobile gaming. And what of sights? Natural sights like waterfalls and space are the wonders scientists try to understand, and human made sights like cityscapes and the inside of computers are the wonders scientists create.

While the two adverts were encouraging viewers to watch the Discovery Channel, the concept behind them simply encourages viewers to take pleasure in the world around, in what they love, and in the things science is studying or creating. It might make us all happier people if we took the time out to take pleasure in those things. After all, the world is just awesome.