Easy Origami Popcorn Cone (with photos)

Five very easy steps to make a simple cone that you can use for popcorn, chips or anything you like. There are three ways to do this, making three slightly different looking cones. The bigger the paper, the bigger the cone; this guide uses A4 paper turned portrait and landcape and cut into a square.

Step One:

Fold your paper in half, side to side,  so the fold is on the left.

Step Two:

Fold your paper so the bottom left corner is against the top right corner.

Step Three:

Take the corner of the paper with the original fold at its edge, and fold it over the other part of the paper.

Step Four:

Fold one side of the open corner over the folded end, turn the whole thing over and fold the other side to match.

Step Five:

Open the open side out to reveal a cone.


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