Ian Watkins Pleads Guilty

In December 2012, Ian Watkins, lead singer of the band Lostprophets, was charged with conspiracy to sexually assault a one-year old child, possession and distribution of child sexual abuse images, and possession of “extreme animal pornography”. At the time, he denied the charges.

He continued to deny the charges until November 2013, as the band went on hiatus and fans split between those either believing Watkins or supporting the other Lostprophets’ members, and those denouncing the band. However, when he went to court, he plead guilty to the attempted rape of a child, three counts of sexual assault on children, six counts of possessing or making images of child sexual abuse images, and one count of extreme pornographic images of an animal.

Lostprophets’ have now split up, and the other members have posted a message on the band’s official website, stating that they were “in a state of shock” and have been “learning about the details of the investigation along with you”. In October, all members of the band except Ian Watkins had signed a facebook post stating that they would “no longer make or perform music as Lostprophets”.

The two women who faced trial with him plead guilty to various child sexual abuse counts, and evidence from text messages showed that they had abused their own children and made the children available to Watkins for his abuse.

It has also been revealed that drugs were a major part of the abuse, with meth, cocaine and GHB found by the police, and plans between the three to “teach the babies to take drugs”.

Watkins had previously claimed that he was the victim of a malicious campaign, and that a ‘crazed fan’ had been stalking him and had access to his computer. In 2006 and 2008, he met up with separate Lostprophets fans, both aged 16 at the time, and filmed himself having sex with them.

Once all three had changed their pleas to guilty, the judge, Mr Justice Royce, called the Jury into the court to inform them, where he told them the guilty plea had spared them from having to “watch extremely graphic and distressing material.”

Sentencing will take place on 18th December 2013.